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David Bond

blackship gallery
Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 647-532-2911

About Me

I began collecting Japanese art while at university some forty some years ago. During my career as a civil servant, I was fortunate to be stationed in Japan for eight years, where my passion for collecting really blossomed.  I purchase Japanese antiques here in Canada, but also from the United States, Japan, Europe, and Australia. While my first love was nihonto (Japanese swords), I quickly moved into a broad spectrum of Japanese art, including Tosogu (sword fittings),  Kabuto and Yoroi (helmets and armour), Ukiyo-e prints, paintings, Mingei art, Pottery . While posted in Japan, I was befriended  by Gordon Robson. With his introduction, I became a member of the Nihon Token Hozon Kai (NTHK), where I studied Japanese nihonto under Yoshikawa-Sensei, head of the NTHK and Official Sword Polisher for the Imperial Family.  My long exposure to Japan, only deepened my interest in all things Japanese and my areas of collecting expanded to include iron work Tetsu-bin (iron kettle, Netsuke, Sagemono, Noh and Buddhist art and Japanese paintings from many schools, particularly Kano School and Zen paintings.