Japanese Art Gallery

Blackship or “Kurofune” was the name given to the first European ships arriving in Japanese waters in the 16th century.  I took the name for my gallery, as it evokes a feeling of initial wonder and surprise. The art of Japan is unique and often eccentric, but always exceptional. Many of the objects offered on this site would have ridden in the hulls of the black ships leaving Japan.  I was fortunate to live in Japan for many years and was introduced to many different forms of Japanese art and became a major collector and lifetime student.  Beginning with Japanese nihonto (swords), tosogu (fittings), and katchushi (armour), I quickly moved into almost all areas of Japanese art, including paintings, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, pottery, and mingei art. As you peruse this site, I hope it offers a unique perspective, an experienced and artistic eye, and you are as  captured as I by the beauty of Japanese art.